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North East Festival

North East Festival, Connecting people celebrating life is an attempt to showcase and create awareness about India’s North East, its people and resources. The event has been organised annually from 2013 onwards at IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi. Lakhs of people attended, North East Festival was highlighted extensively in the national media and is considered one of the biggest festival of Delhi. It has helped in attracting tourism in the region and have helped in building bridges amongst the communities. North East Festival have helped in reducing social issues and have helped extensively to create a platform for North Eastern talents.

Northeast Festivals

Different Editions of
North East Festival

North East Festival Delhi

Most colourful and biggest festival of Northeast India.

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North East India Festival

Showcase of Northeast Indian art, culture and ethnicity of peoples and resources.

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Colors of North East

Music, Fashion, Culture, Food and Art showcase of Northeast India.

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